Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cuff Links

These little buggers.....
They turned out wonderful and I love them, but they brought me great stress! They were a special order from an old co-worker who at one time was my manager. He wanted something "one of a kind" and flashy. I spent a lot of time researching cuff links and have not seen anything like my finished product. I hope he likes them. It's a 8 x 13 mm bezel. I glued the photo in the bezel and over the top I glazed over with an epoxy coating that dried beautifully, leaving a glass like finish. I then soldered it on to the cuff link post. Soldering it was a little challenging. With such a small piece it was hard to center it without it moving around. But after taking a deep breath and drinking a bottle of Bud Light Lime......finished!!!!

The photo was compliments of Black Diamond Images Photography, Lloyd Robbins Jr of Fort Atkinson, WI ....thank you Lloyd.

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