Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Altered Art Vintage Button Charm Bracelet. Titled: "Vintage Time"

Are you asking, "What is altered art?" Altered art is considered a form of multimedia art. The artist takes materials from other areas and mixes them into their piece. Such as, old photos, postcards, buttons, hair pins, and other old trinkets. These pieces are brought together with your new materials to create, altered art. These pieces are also sometimes considered, "steam trunk" in style. Referring to the vintage look the older pieces add to the jewelry. You can make cards, scrapbook pages, boxes, anything into an altered art piece.

In this piece, I have taken vintage style buttons and added them to handcrafted glass and metal charms. The clock buttons are faux and not real clocks. The charms are added to a handcrafted gold tone adjustable chain bracelet.

I hope this inspires you to dabble in some altered art of your own!!

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